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Client alert: The Antarctic mining ban could be in danger

Volterra Fietta Client Alert
10 July 2024

Volterra Fietta partner Professor Robert Volterra was recently commissioned by The Times to publish an article on the Antarctic Treaty system and its environmental protocols.

The article, entitled ‘The Antarctic mining ban could be in danger’, was published on 27 June 2024.  It examines the 1959 Antarctic Treaty, which suspended competing territorial claims by the UK, Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand and Norway.  Due to the southernmost continent’s rich mineral content, countries such as the US, Russia and China have argued that these seven countries should not be the only ones to have territorial rights in the Antarctic.

With new exploration technology being used by Russia and China in the continent, much attention has turned to how the Antarctic Treaty system is neither universally agreed upon nor comprehensive in what it regulates.  Countries have until 2048 to resolve this matter.  Professor Volterra provides insights on what models States could rely on to agree upon a multinational treaty that will benefit a number of parties.

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