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Volterra Fietta Partners, Robert G Volterra and Ahmed Abdel-Hakam, provide practical training for States in negotiating and litigating maritime boundary disputes at the National Centre for the Sea and Maritime Law (DEHUKAM) in Ankara

Volterra Fietta Client Alert
8 July 2024

On 30 May 2024, Volterra Fietta partners Robert G Volterra and Ahmed Abdel-Hakam gave a practical training session at the National Centre for the Sea and Maritime Law “DEHUKAM”, in Ankara, the Republic of Türkiye.

Photo: Robert G Volterra, Ahmed Abdel-Hakam and DEHUKAM staff.


The Volterra Fietta partners shared practical insights with participants, drawing on their experience of more than 30 years advising States around the world in negotiating and litigating maritime boundary disputes.  The training covered such topics as: how to connect abstract legal theories with critical facts and complex evidence; how States can prepare effectively for negotiations and litigation; and the use of professional litigation tactics and strategies for litigating maritime boundary disputes before international courts and tribunals.

Photo: Robert Volterra discussing the award in the Barbados v Trinidad and Tobago Annex VII arbitration, the first UNCLOS Annex VII maritime delimitation arbitration and a victory for his client Barbados.


Over the past year alone, the Volterra Fietta has been advising multiple government clients on maritime boundary delimitation issues in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas.  Robert and Ahmed based the practical training at DEHUKAM on the awards and judgments from their maritime delimitation cases, including Volterra Fietta’s recent victory for its client Kenya in its maritime delimitation case against Somalia at the International Court of Justice.

Photo (left to right): Dr Mustafa Başkara (DEHUKAM CEO), Robert Volterra, Ahmed Abdel-Hakam and Professor Dr Yücel Acer (DEHUKAM Board Member).


DEHUKAM was established at Ankara University under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Türkiye, in order to bring together academics and professionals engaged in maritime law and policy in Türkiye.  For many years, DEHUKAM has also provided post-graduate education across a number of disciplines to students from around the world, many given scholarships by DEHUKAM, in law of the sea issues.

Photo: Robert Volterra with Dr Mustafa Başkara (DEHUKAM CEO).


Volterra Fietta regularly provides training on public international law and international dispute resolution, to its clients and other entities.  This includes a wide range of law of the sea issues, such as maritime boundary delimitation.

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