Volterra Fietta Partners, Robert G Volterra and Ahmed Abdel-Hakam, spoke at Leiden University’s Conference on Counterclaims in International Law

On 27 June 2024, Volterra Fietta partners Robert G Volterra and Ahmed Abdel-Hakam were invited by Leiden University to speak at the conference on Counterclaims in International Law.  Speakers at the conference covered a wide range of issues arising out of counterclaims, such as: counterclaims and international investment law; counterclaims and the International Court of Justice; and counterclaims as a tool for strategic litigation in international courts and tribunals.

Photo: Robert G Volterra, Ahmed Abdel-Hakam in front of the Old Observatory of Leiden’s University, where the conference was held.

The Volterra Fietta partners shared practical insights on the conduct of litigation for States before international courts and tribunals.  Their presentations were practice-focused and drew on their combined experience of more than 50 years advising States around the world on Public International Law cases in which they were and are counsel.  Robert shared his experiences in creating and implementing practical litigation tactics in State-to-State disputes in which issues of counterclaims and set-off are relevant.  Ahmed shared his experiences in deploying counterclaim and set-off arguments in investment treaty claims brought under the Organisation for the Islamic Conference Investment Agreement.

Volterra Fietta regularly provides seminars and training on litigating international law claims before international courts and tribunals to its State clients and other entities.  The firm’s training covers the full spectrum of international law and dispute resolution issues.

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