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Launch of the African Arbitration Atlas

Volterra Fietta Client Alert
16 February 2021

The African Arbitration Association (‘AfAA’) has recently launched its African Arbitration Atlas.  The Atlas is a free online resource intended to provide a comprehensive review of the African arbitration landscape.

The African Arbitration Atlas comprises two separate tools.  The African Arbitration Legislation map (‘AAL’) is an interactive tool that allows users to quickly check the status of the UNCITRAL Model Law, the New York Convention and the ICSID Convention across the African continent, among other features.  The AAL also allows users to compare the arbitration-related laws of various African countries.

The African Arbitration Atlas also includes a Directory of African International Arbitrators (‘DAIA’).  The DAIA is a comprehensive list containing information on the qualifications, languages spoken, specialism areas and contact details of African arbitrators.

The African Arbitration Atlas is an important contribution to the arbitration community and a valuable tool for arbitration professionals and users across Africa and the globe.  It is also a laudable effort at raising the visibility of African arbitration institutions and professionals.

The AfAA is a non-profit association made up of African international arbitration scholars, practitioners and institutions.  The AfAA is one of Africa’s leading platforms for the support and promotion of international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.  The African Arbitration Atlas is an initiative of the Secretary General of the AfAA, Dr Rukia Baruti.


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