Upcoming Events

Friday 6 October
Maria Fogdestam-Agius will speak at the Colloquium on International Investment Law & the Law of Armed Conflict. She will present a paper, co-authored with Suzanne Spears, titled “Protection of Investments in War-Torn States: A Practitioner Perspective on War Clauses in Bilateral Investment Treaties”. For more information, and to register, please click here.

Thursday 19th October
Suzanne Spears will participate in Allen & Overy’s annual Public International Law Debate. The debate will focus on the role of human rights in trade and investment disputes. The event will take place at Allen & Overy’s London offices.

Thursday 23 November
The Investment Treaty Forum and Volterra Fietta will host a seminar on “The standard of review of national court decisions by investment tribunals”.  The seminar will cover a number of topics, touching upon the increasingly frequent ways in which investment tribunals scrutinise, assess, and make use of domestic court decisions.