Volterra Fietta hosts A Level students in partnership with the University of Oxford Pathways to Law Programme as part of the Firm’s contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility

On Wednesday 19 July, Volterra Fietta hosted Year 12 and 13 students at our offices in London. Pathways to Law was founded with the aim of supporting and encouraging academically able students from non-privileged backgrounds interested in pursuing a career in the law. The purpose of the visit was to give participating students an insight into what life is like as a solicitor. As part of the visit the students were given an introduction to public international law, heard presentations by several of our lawyers on their own pathways to law, and took part in an interactive exercise on statehood. The Firm is pleased to say the event was a great success and enjoyed by all at Volterra Fietta as well as the students. We wish them the best of luck as they pursue their legal careers. For more information about Pathways to Law, please click here.