Webinar – The African Continental Free Trade Agreement: How does the AfCFTA align with existing African multi-lateral trade agreements?

The speakers for this webinar were:

Mr Kalekeni Kaphale SC, Senior Counsel at the Malawian bar and Partner at Kalekeni Kaphale Lawyers in Lilongwe, Malawi. He served as Attorney-General of the Republic of Malawi from 2014 to 2020. He has extensive experience advising and representing clients before Malawian courts and international courts and tribunals on investment protection matters.

Dr Rukia Baruti, Secretary-General of the African Arbitration Association. She is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales with practising experience in litigation and international arbitration. She specialises in international investment law and arbitration. She has written extensively on foreign direct investment in Africa. Particularly, she has written papers on African multilateral investment treaties under various regional economic communities such as COMESA and SADC. She has also presented on the African Continental Free Trade Agreement. In addition to speaking, she sits as a sole or a wing arbitrator. Among other academic degrees, she holds a PhD in international investment law.

This webinar was chaired by Peter Flint, Partner at Volterra Fietta, who addressed the place of the AfCFTA against the background of existing African regional and cross-border trade and investment agreements.

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