10 February 2016

The New 2019 Hague Judgments Convention

ACQ5 Global Awards 2018

ACQ5 Global Awards 2018

ACQ5 Global Awards 2018

ACQ5 Global Awards 2018

Global Venture – Annual Awards – 2018

Global Venture Annual Awards 2019

ACQ Law Awards 2019

Global Law Experts Annual Awards 2019

Global Law Experts Annual Awards 2019

ACQ Law Awards 2019

ACQ Law Awards 2019

ACQ Law Awards 2019

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine – Excellence Awards 2019

British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL)

Finance Monthly Magazine Legal Awards 2019

Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration

World Law Forum Conference on Arbitration of Business & Human Rights Disputes

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine – Continental Awards 2019

Lawyers Worldwide Awards 2019

M&A Today Global Awards 2019

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SME News Legal Awards 2019

Corporate America Today – Annual Awards – 2019

Volterra Fietta promotes Álvaro Nistal to counsel

International organisations may consider taking practical steps to limit their exposure to U.S. lawsuits after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Jam v. International Finance Corporation

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine Superior Lawyers 2019

UK Supreme Court allows Zambian villagers to continue UK suit against London-based mining company Vedanta

Volterra Fietta Partner Graham Coop cited in InterFax article

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine – Golden Globe Awards 2019

Volterra Fietta hosts Spring Reception at The Carlton Club

Volterra Fietta and King’s College London (Department of Geography) co-hosted The 2019 London International Boundary Conference

The General Court of the European Union annuls the European Commission’s Decision on State Aid in the Micula case (Micula v. Romania)

Supreme Court rules that Zambians can seek damages from UK company for alleged human rights abuses by Zambian subsidiary

Summer School at King’s College

The Lawyers Worldwide Awards Innovative Lawyers 2019

Corporate Intl Global Awards 2020

Best Lawyers 2020 Edition

Third Circuit Court of Appeals Permits Venezuela’s Creditors to Seize PDVSA’s Interests CITGO

Investor-State Arbitration – Protecting Investments Before It Is Too Late

Argentina’s Presidential Election: A Possible Threat To Foreign Investors

South China Sea Competing Maritime Claims: Risks and Rights for Oil and Gas Companies

International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea Prescribes Provisional Measures Requiring Russia to Release Three Ukrainian Naval Vessels

The Legal Business International Arbitration Summit 2019

Breakfast Seminar: Financing and Debt Instruments: Often Overlooked Issues of Public International Law”

Latin American Arbitration Practitioners EU Launch Event

International arbitration heavyweight Peter Flint joins Volterra Fietta

Lawyer International – Legal 100 – 2020

US sanctions on Nord Stream 2 and TurkStream pipeline projects

The Dutch Supreme Court orders the Netherlands to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020

Class action filed in US court against tech companies for benefitting from human rights violations in cobalt mining

Principles for Responsible Banking

Turkey-Cyprus Oil and Gas Dispute

Ruling of the Dutch Court of Appeal Confirms Functional Immunity of NATO entities

Dutch Court of Appeal reinstates USD 50 billion Yukos awards


Business and human rights in a global pandemic

The Financial Times

Virtual Seminar: Efficient management of energy arbitrations

Increased control of foreign investment in response to COVID-19

Lawyers Worldwide Awards 2020

Lawyers Worldwide Awards 2020

Virtual Seminar: The future of North American trade and investment under the Canada-Mexico-US Agreement (USMCA or CUSMA)

Virtual Seminar: Sustainable energy development in Albania: opportunities and investment protection issues

Virtual Seminar: Human rights and ESG diligence in a COVID-19 world

Lawyers Worldwide Awards 2020

Virtual Seminar: Disputes under Joint Operating Agreements

Informa Connect Law – CompLaw Blog

An UNCLOS Annex VII tribunal upheld the immunity of the Italian marines but found Italy itself liable for the unlawful killing of two Indian fishermen

Is it time for the creation of a Convention on Pandemic Suppression (COPS)?

Extraordinary measures in extraordinary times: how can States and investors learn from the lessons of the 2008 global financial crisis?

Vietnam could be considering legal action over rights in the South China Sea

Virtual Seminar: COVID-19 and international humanitarian law

Corporate America Today – Annual Awards 2020

Virtual Seminar: Interconnectors, energy security and flexibility services in Europe

Virtual Seminar: State responsibility for actions taken by States regarding the COVID-19 virus

A new era of trade and investment between the EU and Vietnam

Acquisition International – Annual Legal Awards 2020

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine – Annual Advisers Awards 2020

Lawyers Worldwide Award Magazine – Five Star Lawyers 2020

Virtual Seminar: Recent developments in international trade and investment law in Tanzania and Angola and the present status of the negotiations for an investor-State dispute resolution mechanism under the AfCFTA Agreement investment protocol

Virtual Seminar: Protecting Renewable Energies: Investment Treaties and State Regulation of Solar, Wind and Water Energy

Petroleum Review

Virtual Seminar: The Energy Charter Treaty: is it still fit for purpose and how could it be improved?

Virtual Seminar: Recent developments in gas and LNG infrastructure offerings

Increased Business and Human Rights Risks and Regulations for Companies Operating in the Netherlands

European Commission starts State aid investigation into Belgium’s power capacity mechanism – how could this affect the UK?

Virtual Seminar: Rebalancing unbalanced contracts in COVID times: how do legal systems approach the challenge?

Volterra Fietta client Nigeria defeats multi-billion dollar arbitration claim at ICSID

Rio Tinto Ousts CEO for Destroying Archaeological Site

Canada and Netherlands Declare Intention to Intervene in Gambia v. Myanmar Genocide Case

Gambia seeks US document discovery to support claims of genocide by Myanmar

Nigeria Permitted to Resist Enforcement of Arbitration Award that was Potentially Based on Corruption and Fraud

US Withdraws from the World Health Organisation

Manchester City Successfully Appeals Two-Year European Football Ban

Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award 2021

Volterra Fietta confirmed again as Tier 1 firm in Public International Law

Corporate America Today – Annual Awards 2021

M&A Today – Global Awards 2021

Enka v Chubb: Recent UK Supreme Court decision might require parties to consider adding additional language to international arbitration clauses where London is the seat of arbitration

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine – Continent Awards 2021

Global Arbitration Review

Legal 500 Rankings – 2021

South Africa’s Expropriation Bill, 2020

Virtual Seminar: Addressing Payments Defaults and Flow of Funds Difficulties during the COVID-19 Crisis

Virtual Seminar: Greening the Treaty? The road to modernising the Energy Charter Treaty

Does the sun still shine on solar power in France? The proposed amendment to France’s solar feed-in tariffs and the rights of solar investors

Virtual Seminar: Foreign Investments in Times of Turmoil and Public International Law

Does Achmea apply to the Energy Charter Treaty? Belgium asks the CJEU

The House

Lawyer International – Legal 100 – 2021

Corp Today Magazine – Advisory All Stars 2021

Brill Publishers

Corporate Excellence Awards 2021

Virtual Seminar – Deep Sea to Deep Space (Part 1): The Future of Deep Sea Mining

E-Newsletter – Winter 2021

Jus Mundi – Arbitration Team of the Month

Virtual Seminar: Fight or flight – litigation or settlement? How should things be done differently in the post-COVID virtual world?

Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine – Innovative Lawyers 2021

Virtual Seminar – Deep Sea to Deep Space (Part 2): The Future of Extraterrestrial Mining

The United Arab Emirates defeats the State of Qatar in the ICJ case concerning the Application of the CERD

Launch of the African Arbitration Atlas

Global 100 2021

Global Law Experts Annual Awards 2021

Volterra Fietta Partner Graham Coop wins prestigious award

Virtual Seminar – Deep Sea to Deep Space (Part 3): The Future of Arctic Mining

UK Supreme Court allows Nigerian claimants to continue UK litigation against Shell companies over pollution claims

Chambers and Partners recognises Volterra Fietta again as being amongst the leading law firms for Public International Law and International Arbitration in both the UK and global rankings. Founding partner Robert Volterra praised by peers and clients as “a real team player”.

Virtual Seminar – Resource Nationalism: How International Investment Agreements (IIAs) can assist mining companies in hedging against regulatory risks and state interference

Myanmar (through the anti-coup parliamentary committee) instructs Volterra Fietta to advise on and pursue international legal proceedings against the unconstitutional and illegitimate military regime

Virtual Seminar – The UK and EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regimes

Egypt backs Sudan’s new proposal on Nile River Dam

Max Planck Encyclopedia of International Procedural Law publishes chapter by Partner Graham Coop and Associate Zuzana Morháčová on Energy Charter Treaty Dispute Settlement System

Young MUTE-OFF Thursdays

World leaders call for an international treaty to respond to future pandemics


Myanmar, acting through the CRPH, instructs Volterra Fietta to discuss military atrocities post 1 February 2021 with the head of the UN’s Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar

Virtual Seminar – Technology, minerals and human rights: can cobalt and lithium miners and users achieve compliance?

Webinar – Social Licences and the Termination of Mining Rights

Webinar – Congestion in Space: Addressing the Limited Availability of Orbital Slots and Space Spectrum

Volterra Fietta promotes Gunjan Sharma to Counsel

Multilateral Agreement on Cross-border Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific enters into force

UK Supreme Court issues new decision on parent company liability in Okpabi and others v. Royal Dutch Shell Plc and another

Biden administration puts global warming at center of agenda as nations prepare for COP26

African Continental Free Trade Area: A new hope for continental integration

New investment law in Ukraine

In a closely watched decision, the CJEU rules that cutting-edge hybrid satellite and terrestrial systems can be authorised under EU regulations pursuant to an overarching requirement not to hold back technological progress

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine – Golden Advisor Awards 2021

Global Business Insight Awards 2021

Peter Flint becomes a Volterra Fietta Partner

Best Lawyers 2022

Webinar – Is Brexit the saviour of the UK’s EU investment treaties?

Webinar – The African Continental Free Trade Agreement: How does the AfCFTA align with existing African multi-lateral trade agreements?

International Energy Agency calls for a ban on all new oil and gas projects and sets other radical new targets in its “Net Zero by 2050” report

Webinar: Gas price drivers and adjustment mechanisms in Asia

Oceans and the Law: breakfast roundtable series of the Faculty of Law, Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington

Mubadala Investments set to acquire stake in Israeli gas field

Robert G Volterra gives guest lecture at Jindal University on the topic “How to win cases before the International Court of Justice in the 21st Century”

The Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine – Five Star Lawyers 2021

Mona Law 7th Annual Symposium on Law, Governance and Society – Celebrating and Surviving: UWI Law 50 and Beyond

Webinar: Gas price drivers and adjustment mechanisms in Europe

2021 Lawyer Network Annual Awards

Euromoney 2021 Rising Star Expert Award

Recent developments on climate change litigation

Netherlands launches litigation in German Court to preclude investor-State arbitrations

International Energy Agency calls for a ban on all new oil and gas projects and sets other radical new targets in its “Net Zero by 2050” report

In a closely watched decision, the CJEU rules that cutting-edge hybrid satellite and terrestrial systems can be authorised under EU regulations pursuant to an overarching requirement not to hold back technological progress

World leaders call for an international treaty to respond to future pandemics

Back to the future – Ecuador (re-)signs the ICSID Convention, admitting the failure of its policy of trying to attract foreign investment whilst simultaneously rejecting investment treaties and international arbitration

Euromoney Commercial Arbitration Expert Guide 2021

Commercial Bar Association of Malawi webinar

GAMECHANGERS ACQ5 Global Awards 2021 UK

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine – Leading Lawyers Worldwide 2021

NERA Insights Webinar in partnership with Paris Arbitration Week 2021

Webinar – Gas hub pricing: is there still a role for oil price indexation in long-term gas sales contracts?

Webinar: Peak oil? Relief from onerous fossil fuel contracts

Malawi accedes to the New York Convention

Volterra Fietta, McNair Chambers and Serle Court Chambers Hybrid ‘Hot Topics’ Breakfast Seminar Series 2021 – Part 3 Public International Law

M&A Today Global Awards 2022

Webinar: Protecting Indian investments in Latin America

Smoke before the fire? – Recent proposed measures across Latin America may ring alarm bells with some foreign investors

Webinar: Space Debris and Sustainability

BCDR International Arbitration Review

UK in the market for new trade deals: potential new benefits for States and investors

Space arbitration: Mexico reportedly avoids liability in satellite dispute with Eutelsat

The Escazú Agreement enters into force

Latin America and the Caribbean join the space race with the creation of a regional space agency (ALCE)

Nauru triggers two-year countdown for deep seabed mining

2022 Corporate INTL Magazine Global Awards

Dutch Supreme Court remands USD 50 billion Yukos case but confirms provisional application of Energy Charter Treaty

Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine – Annual Awards 2021

Webinar: Resource Nationalism and Other Challenges to the Mining Sector

Yesterday’s alleged Russian anti-satellite missile test may give rise to claims against the Russian Federation

Corp Today Magazine 2022 Global Business Awards

Global 100 – 2022 Awards

Modernisation of the Energy Charter Treaty

Satellite owners must be compensated for space debris damage

Corporate America Today Annual Awards 2022

World Health Organization takes first steps towards a pandemic treaty

Webinar: Weapons in Space

Anti-satellite missile tests: What are the legal consequences?

UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement

Webinar: Successes and failures of UNCLOS

Webinar: The winter of discontent: surging energy prices in Europe

ICJ (Armenia v Azerbaijan)

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine – Continent Awards 2022

Lawyer International – Legal 100 – 2022

Deep Seabed Mining – Webinar 1: Pulling the trigger – what’s next now Nauru has triggered the two-year countdown for deep seabed mining

Webinar: Provisional measures at the International Court of Justice

Webinar: Title to Oil and Gas in Disputed Maritime Areas

Webinar: Artificial Intelligence in Space

Webinar: Deep seabed mining and sustainability – mining for the green energy transition

E-Newsletter: Spring 2022

Volterra Fietta welcomes new partner: Gunjan Sharma

Mondaq Thought Leadership Award

Webinar: Dispute Resolution under UNCLOS

Webinar: Arbitration in the Middle East

Webinar: Investment protection treaties and the clean energy transition

Client Alert: “Without doubt the leading firm in public international law” – Volterra Fietta again tops leading law firm rankings

Webinar: Challenges in Space ahead of the ITU’s World Radio Conference 2023

Iraq, Namibia and Nigeria join the 1992 UN Water Convention, bringing its total number of Member States to 50

Latest developments in biodiversity protection:  the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework

United Kingdom set to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, bringing new benefits to States and investors

The Best Lawyers in the United Kingdom 2023

Gamechanger™ Global Awards 2023 – 20th Anniversary Category Winners

Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine – Five Star Lawyers 2023

Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine – Experts in Law 2023

Best Lawyers 2023

E-Newsletter – Spring 2023

Gamechangers™ Progress Champion Awards 2023

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine Leading Lawyers Worldwide 2023

The Lawyers Worldwide Awards Innovative Lawyers 2023

Client Alert: US Supreme Court confirms foreigners can sue American residents for organised crime when they commit fraud and bribery from the US in relation to an international commercial arbitration

2023 Lawdragon 500 Global Litigators

The UN adopts its report on peaceful uses of outer space

Iran instituted proceedings against Canada for violation of its immunities

Canada and the Netherlands institute proceedings against Syria before the International Court of Justice

Compliance with International Court of Justice provisional measures

E-Newsletter – Summer 2023

Gamechangers™ Country Awards 2023

Client Alert: Volterra Fietta partner Ahmed Abdel-Hakam appointed to Visiting Scholar Research Term in public international law at the University of Cambridge

Client Alert: United States issues what appears to be the first-ever fine for space debris against DISH

Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine – Global Leading Lawyers 2023

Client Alert: Recent decision of the Greek Supreme Administrative Court confirms businesses cannot rely on agreements to arbitrate disputes with EU Member States in the EU

Legal 500 – 2024 UK Solicitors

Chambers and Partners – 2024 UK-wide rankings

The Legal 500 Private Practice Powerlist 2023 – Arbitration – United Kingdom

Client Alert: The CJEU, exercising jurisdiction on the basis of an arbitration clause, orders Syria to pay EUR 29 million to the European Union

Client Alert: English High Court: States must diligently investigate corruption during an arbitration or risk waiving defences to enforcement

Webinar: Building a Career In Public International Law: Pathways for Young Lawyers

ACQFIVE Sustainability Awards 2024

Client Alert: The Times publishes article on diplomatic immunity by Volterra Fietta lawyers Robert Volterra and Jehad Mustafa

Client Alert: Volterra Fietta Partner, Ahmed Abdel-Hakam, speaks at International Society of Military Sciences annual conference in Denmark

Client Alert: Australia and Tuvalu announce new bilateral treaty on climate change, human mobility and security cooperation

Global 100 – 2024

China adopts new law on State immunity

Belgium seizes Russian Central Bank’s assets to create Ukraine fund

UK denies Russian investors advantages under Part III of the Energy Charter Treaty

OECD adopts new Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises on Responsible Business Conduct

E-Newsletter – Autumn 2023

Client Alert: The ILO requests an Advisory Opinion from the ICJ on the Right to Strike

Client Alert: International Fund for Agricultural Development, a UN specialised agency, lists sustainable bonds on London Stock Exchange

2024 Global Business Insight Awards

WWL: Arbitration Future Leaders 2024

Legal 100 – 2024

Client Alert: Who’s Who Legal Recognises Volterra Fietta Partners and Associates in its Arbitration Guide for 2024

ACQFIVE Global Awards 2024

Webinar: Starting an ICJ case in a winning way

Client Alert: Increased instability in the Red Sea raises complex questions of public international law

London & South East England Prestige Awards 2024/25

Client Alert: United Nations Environment Programme underscores the importance of mining for the clean energy transition

Client Alert: International Court of Justice orders provisional measures in the Genocide Convention case between the Republic of South Africa and the State of Israel

EU Council approves first EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence

The UK joins the Hague Judgments Convention

Barbados, advised by Volterra Fietta, files a submission to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on the request for an Advisory Opinion on the Climate Emergency and Human Rights

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine Excellence Awards 2024

E-Newsletter – Winter 2024

Webinar: New frontiers in international law: recent developments in cyberconflict and cyberspace

Client Alert: The Alan Turing Institute and King’s College London Institute for Artificial Intelligence Host Volterra Fietta Partner Gunjan Sharma to Discuss AI and Space Law


Client Alert: Volterra Fietta Partner to speak on a panel on the impact and challenges of international human rights law at the University of West Indies