Jared Richards

Staff Lawyer

Jared is a Caribbean trained Attorney-at-Law originating from Barbados who holds Bachelor and Master of Law (Public Law) Degrees from the University of the West Indies. First called to the bar in 2011 he commenced in civil and family law practice for four years before transitioning to being a fulltime constitutional, public and administrative law attorney in the Government of Barbados.

Jared has advised the Government and its various departments on local and regional legal matters. He regularly conducts litigation on behalf of the Government of Barbados at all jurisdictional levels of the Courts, including before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).  He has appeared in both the appellate and original jurisdictions of the CCJ.  He has been a delegate to the Caricom Legal Affairs Committee.

Over the past decade Jared has appeared as counsel for the Government in most major constitutional challenges in Barbados. In addition, he has made appearances in the CCJ which have led to decisions which helped shape the law regarding government consultations prior to applying or removing the Common External Tariff under the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas and clarified the interpretations applied to specialized domestic violence legislation in accordance with international law standards.

Jared has also served as a Magistrate, presiding over matters in the civil, maintenance, traffic and criminal jurisdictions of the court.  He has served as the Solicitor General’s nominee to advise the Government of Barbados’s Central Purchasing Tenders Committee.


Bachelor and Masters of Law (Honours), University of West Indies, Barbados



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